Auto Information Service Requirements.

Dealer will do the following:

  1. Customer Service
    1. Disclose to the Customer in writing any transport or dealer-locate fees prior to a dealer-locate.
    2. Disclose to the Customer in writing any additional products not included on the vehicle’s invoice (g., dealer packages, GAP coverage, extended service contracts, VIN etching, bed liners, or other products commonly referred to as “accessories” or “aftermarket products”). In addition, Dealer shall not require Customer to purchase any such accessory or product as part of the vehicle sale or lease. Upon Customer’s request, Dealer must either remove the accessory or product, or promptly provide an otherwise identical vehicle without such accessory or product.
    3. Honor OEM fixed pricing programs advertised to the public upon Customer’s request.
    4. Not make the quoted price of a vehicle contingent upon whether the Customer trades-in his/her vehicle.
    5. Conduct business with the Customer in a professional, hassle-free manner.
    6. Not initiate additional credit bureau pull(s) on pre-approved Customers except as allowed by applicable law.
    7. Complete all necessary vehicle titling and registration documents, including in cases where Customer provides his/her own financing. In addition, Dealer will send the applicable finance institution the application for certificate of title (or the other appropriate document necessary in the jurisdiction where the transaction occurs) evidencing the VIN, Customer signature and finance institution as the lien holder.
    8. Order the Customer’s desired vehicle if you cannot locate a vehicle that otherwise meets the Customer’s needs and such vehicle is able to be ordered from the manufacturer. Where allowed by applicable law, Dealer may collect a deposit for the vehicle ordered. If the deposit is refundable, the deposit must be refunded to the Customer within five (5) business days so long as the refund request precedes the binding sales contract. If Dealer requires a deposit, Dealer must disclose the deposit terms and conditions to Customer in writing before the order is placed. Dealer must abide by state law with respect to the taking and refundability of the deposit. Dealer’s invoice offset and fees identified in the Dealer Portal at the time of the order apply to the transaction, and special-order fees are not permitted.
  2. Dealer Training; Customer Interaction
    1. Complete all CarSnoop dealer training as requested by CarSnoop, keep at least two (2) people on staff who have been formally trained by CarSnoop, and notify CarSnoop within one (1) business day of any CarSnoop trained personnel change.
    2. Process Customer leads using a CRM system, LMS system, or a dealer-hosted email address (g., [email protected]) to ensure professional email communications and Customer privacy.
    3. Ensure that a CarSnoop trained Dealer representative responds to each Customer inquiry within 24 hours by both phone and email referencing the applicable CarSnoop-powered automotive information website and provides a quotation to Customer of Dealer’s price and vehicle availability.
    4. Upon Customer’s arrival at the dealership, promptly assist the Customer with final vehicle selection and allow a test drive(s).
    5. Promptly honor all Customer requests to be removed from any future communication by or on behalf of Dealer.
    6. Contact CarSnoop to resolve all Service issues or complaints promptly.
  3. Other Dealer Requirements
    1. Maintain current vehicle pricing at least every 60 days in the Dealer Portal, if you utilize the CarSnoop tools that permit you to directly communicate pricing information to Customers upon request.
    2. Maintain accurate and descriptive inventory information to be made available to us electronically, including VIN, stock number, pictures for each vehicle, features, and mileage.
    3. Update inventory information, including vehicle availability, within one (1) business day of any changes.
    4. Ensure that the Dealer Profile section in the Dealer Portal is maintained and current.
    5. Maintain sufficient inventory to meet anticipated Customer demand.
    6. Not use any CarSnoop or CarSnoop-powered automotive information service trademark, service mark, name, or logo, except as approved in writing by the applicable CarSnoop-powered automotive information service.
    7. Not charge or pass along all or any portion of a fee due by Dealer to Customer in connection with the Agreement.
    8. Not advertise that it is a dealer for any particular CarSnoop-powered automotive information service.
    9. Nothing in the foregoing affects the price Dealer may charge Customers.
    10. Comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, as amended, including not using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice without the Customer’s express prior written consent.

* * *

These Auto Information Service Requirements were last updated on January 16, 2020.