CarSnoop protects your identity.

A difference you will experience when leasing or buying a new car with CarSnoop is that your personal information is held, safely, with CarSnoop. CarSnoop does require your personal information to get started when you download the app. Dealers bidding on your business, however, do not receive your contact information, nor do they know your gender, race, phone number or even email address. They only know in which city you live! You\’re completely anonymous to the dealers.

In a traditional car buying situation, you hand over your private collection of information to each dealership you visit. Eager salespeople will be ready to relentlessly follow up with you until you make that car purchase. As a result, you’ll become bombarded with phone calls and reach-outs by these sales team members.

CarSnoop eliminates this entire process and protects your identity. This revolutionizes the new car buying experience.


Do your research, then buy with CarSnoop.

CarSnoop is a car buying app, not a browsing or shopping app. This app allows you to lease or buy your new vehicle without dealers knowing who you are. This way of buying a new car protects your personal and private information as a qualified buyer.

OEM (aka original equipment manufacturer) websites are a great place to shop. Check out brands you like such as Chevy, Honda and Toyota for your information gathering. These OEM sites are packed full of information that will help guide your decision.

CarSnoop pro tip: avoid shopping local dealership sites. If you shop local car dealership websites, those are tailored to get your contact information and begin a sales dialogue. By doing so, you\’ll be bombarded with email follow up.

Download the app. Have a new car delivered to your door.

So once you have your wish list for make, model, color, trim you\’re ready to hop onto the CarSnoop app and begin the process. You\’ll enter your specifications and the CarSnoop member dealerships will bid on your business. You will earn a variety of offers from which to choose.

The entire CarSnoop process will be easy, stress free and allow you to skip the time traditionally spent at the dealership and also avoid the sales calls. Consider CarSnoop your personal new car buying concierge.

Shop privately, from home, with CarSnoop. Change the way you lease or buy your next new vehicle. Protect your personal information with CarSnoop.

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