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CarHaggle is a consumer-centric app that streamlines the negotiation process between vehicle dealerships and prospective car buyers. No more back-and-forth negotiations and constant sales emails and calls.

CarHaggle is for consumers who are ready to buy, NOT SHOP.

Our criteria filters out those who are just window shopping. Our prospects know the vehicle they want and the price they want to pay. They come to us to negotiate a deal with you. Everything else is confidential until both you and the consumer agree to a deal. That’s when they come to your dealership to sign the contract and get the vehicle.

As a subscriber, you have access to CarHaggle’s database of vetted shoppers who are ready to make a deal.

We bring the offers to you. All you have to do is create the best offer for the buyer and the dealership. It’s that simple.

Get access to these deals now.