How do I buy a new car with a trade-in?

Are you in the market to buy a new car and have a vehicle to trade? How can you be sure you get a good value? What do you need to know about how your car condition impacts the value? How do you buy a new car with a trade-in? Let our team help.

[box] “It’s the only time you have to sell your car to the dealership. Trades are extremely important.” – Cole Keesling, Founder + President, CarSnoop [/box]

Service records for your trade are important.

Review your service records. Be current on oil changes, tire rotations and overall service and maintenance. Is the vehicle running properly? Consider repairing any damage tp maximize the value the dealer gives. The condition of your trade will impact the dealer’s valuation.

Show up with a clean vehicle.

You’re ready to let ‘ol Betty go but it’s worth it to give her one more thorough washing and cleaning. Vacuum. wash interior windows, clean out the trunk and have your trade-in cleaned up before you’re presenting it to be valued. Putting forth the effort will improve the value of your vehicle. The elbow grease pays off.

Prepare yourself with trade value.

You may give a quick search on Carfax provides the history of the vehicle including any extensive repairs which could affect the trade-in value.

Stay home and have CarSnoop evaluate your trade-in vehicle.

With CarSnoop, our app and online buying tool walks you through the easy steps of providing details of your trade-in. It’s all done via from your phone or computer. You’ll scan your VIN which will instantly populate your vehicle’s information, provide photos and get started with the evaluation process. CarSnoop makes buying a new car with a trade very simple.

Let us save you time and hassle. Experience a stress-free way to buy a new car with CarSnoop.


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