Our CarSnoop dealership network builds a competitive marketplace to get you a good price on a new car.



About our CarSnoop membership of dealers.

CarSnoop is designed with an unheard of, innovative structure. Whereas a traditional new car buying process has you shopping dealerships to compare deals, CarSnoop brings the car deals to you.

All you have to do is provide the specifications of the new vehicle you are looking to purchase and our select group of membership dealers work hard to win your business. You sit back and relax, without stress, as you receive bids from dealers who can fulfill your new car specification requests.

About our CarSnoop competitive marketplace.

With the CarSnoop network of dealers, you can be assured you\’re going to receive multiple offers from dealers who are all working to earn your business. These dealers know only the city in which you live. So, with that, you may have dealers outside of the area you\’d normally shop bid on your business. All of the CarSnoop network dealers is ready, willing and able, like you, to make your new car purchase happen and deliver that car to you. Unlike a traditional car purchase, you’re receiving offers from multiple dealers who are competing for your business.

About our CarSnoop transparency of terms.

You\’re assured clear terms and fees with CarSnoop. We make it easy; you avoid new car buying surprises. CarSnoop takes out the guess work and risk of dealership fee surprises. Everything is spelled out for you to avoid any risk.

About our identity protection priority.

Unlike a car dealership situation where you have to hand out your phone number, email, address, work history and more, the CarSnoop buying process has your privacy protection in mind. The dealer will only know your city of residence. This process creates a competitive marketplace among dealers…each of whom will be aggressive to earn your business.

CarSnoop delivers your new vehicle to your door.

So you\’ve chosen the best deal! Now it’s time to get your new car. You choose the terms. You can take delivery by going to the dealer or request an offsite delivery at your home or office. The ease of delivery is one of the best parts of buying with CarSnoop.

So, how do you get a good price on a new car? Take advantage of a competitive marketplace when buying your next new car with CarSnoop.

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