Remove the headaches of car dealerships.

If you\’re looking for a way to buy or lease a new car but avoid the dealership completely, consider a car concierge or broker. A concierge is a trusted expert in the automotive industry who can take on the task of your new car purchase (or lease) so you do not have to do any of the legwork. This process typically includes a fee for the service. Leave the work up to a car concierge and save your time and remove your stress. Remove the headaches of car dealerships.

Hire a car concierge.

CarSnoop is an innovative car concierge that is based via an app on your phone or a website portal. It is a new way of buying a new car because the local car concierge works with a network of dealerships and those dealers bid for your business. It\’s a competitive marketplace and your identity remains anonymous. The dealers only know the city in which you live. They cannot contact you or know anything else about you. It\’s a stress-free car buying or leasing experience. Your $100 deposit to get started is refunded to you when you buy or lease a vehicle or even if you change your mind. So, there is no cost to you. The deposit is just like \”earnest money\” to show you\’re serious about buying.

Why trust a concierge service? Here\’s the CarSnoop Founder\’s take on it.

Consider CarSnoop when you buy your next car.

At CarSnoop, we\’d love to help you save time and have a stress-free experience when buying or leasing your next vehicle. Skip the dealership completely. You can have the car delivered to your home, office or even the ball field.


CarSnoop customers have 100% satisfaction.

It\’s true! All of our clients say they will never buy another car without CarSnoop. They rave of the ease of the process and the time it saves. We\’d love to help you! Contact CarSnoop today!

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