Vehicle Purchase Service Requirements. 

Dealer will do the following:

  1. Purchase Offer/Sale
    1. Provide a binding offer, subject to your visual inspection and verification of vehicle condition, to the Customer through the Vehicle Purchase Service to purchase each Customer Vehicle for a specific dollar amount (“Purchase Offer“). For purposes herein, “Customer Vehicle” means a vehicle owned by a Customer excluding inoperable vehicles, rare and collectible vehicles, and/or vehicles more than 20 years old relative to the current calendar year.
    2. During normal business hours, provide the Purchase Offer within four (4) hours of receipt of Customer Vehicle information completed by the Customer. In your sole discretion, you will determine the amount of each Purchase Offer, provided each Purchase Offer shall be reasonable and reflect current and local market conditions.
    3. In the event that the visual inspection of the Program Vehicle conducted by you or your agents reveals material misrepresentations and/or inconsistencies in the Customer Vehicle condition identified by the Customer, in your reasonable discretion you may refuse to purchase the Customer Vehicle or provide a revised Purchase Offer to the Customer.
    4. Not require a Customer to pay you any compensation to receive a Purchase Offer, and will not make any Purchase Offer contingent upon the Customer’s purchase of any vehicle, product or service from you or any third party.
    5. Conduct business with the Customer in a professional, hassle-free manner.
    6. Complete all necessary vehicle titling and registration documents in connection with your purchase of the Customer Vehicle, and as applicable, remit any required motor vehicle sales tax.
  2. Dealer Training; Customer Interaction
    1. Complete all CarSnoop dealer training as requested by CarSnoop, keep at least two (2) people on staff who have been formally trained by CarSnoop, and notify CarSnoop within one (1) business day of any CarSnoop trained personnel change.
    2. Process Customer leads using a CRM system, LMS system, or a dealer-hosted email address (g., [email protected]) to ensure professional email communications and Customer privacy.
    3. Upon Customer’s arrival at the dealership, promptly assist the Customer with the Purchase Offer and Customer Vehicle inspection.
    4. Promptly honor all Customer requests to be removed from any future communication by or on behalf of Dealer.
    5. Contact CarSnoop to resolve all Vehicle Purchase Service issues or complaints promptly.
  3. Other Dealer Requirements
    1. You will only use the information provided to you through or in connection with the Vehicle Purchase Service solely to carry out your obligations under the Vehicle Purchase Service.
    2. Notify us (either directly or through your DMS sales data or through your IMS company) of each purchase of a Customer Vehicle for which you provided a Purchase Offer.
    3. Not use any CarSnoop or CarSnoop-powered automotive information service trademark, service mark, name, or logo, except as approved in writing by the applicable CarSnoop-powered automotive information service.
    4. Not charge or pass along all or any portion of a fee due by Dealer to Customer in connection with the Vehicle Purchase Service.
    5. Not advertise that it is a dealer for any particular CarSnoop-powered automotive information service.
    6. Nothing in the foregoing affects the price Dealer sets in the Purchase Offer.

* * *

These Vehicle Purchase Service Requirements were last updated on and are effective as of January 16, 2020.