Let dealerships compete for your business.

The all-new way to buy a car, really.

Welcome to Car-Buying Paradise

CarSnoop is the first auto marketplace where dealers compete against each other for the right to win your business. With CarSnoop, you never need to negotiate, step into a dealership, get spammed with emails or calls, or suffer buyer’s remorse again. We’re industry experts working for you, uncovering the deals that dealerships are willing to make — but try their best not to. Ready to hop in the driver’s seat?

We Make It Easy to Build, Buy & Drive


Build Your Car

Use our online tool or app to build the car you want. We’ll carsnoop for you, hide your identity, and discover competitive deals.


Receive Real-Time Offers

Dealers within our exclusive network submit their competing offers. We forward them to you without revealing your identity!


Select the Best One

When you’re satisfied that you have the best deal for you, let us know and we’ll walk you through the process.



Choose where to take delivery of your new car. At the dealership, at home — it’s up to you. Your car, your call.

Take Control of the Car-Buying Experience

Ready to Build?

Choose vehicle type, trim, price, model, and more online.

Concierge Service

Need help deciding? Our experts with industry experience can help.

Download Our App

Build, buy, check on your offers, and more — wherever, whenever.
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Compare CarSnoop

CarSnoop is Free.
Yep, Free.

You heard that right. Free as in you pay zip, zilch, nada. Our network dealers pay us a nominal fee to gain access to shoppers who don’t want the hassles of the old way of buying a new or certified pre-owned car.

We do require a small, fully refundable $100 deposit to begin the process. But you get it back — along with your Saturdays and sanity — when you buy.

Why CarSnoop?

A Better Way to Buy

After decades of selling cars at dealerships across the Midwest, the founders of CarSnoop asked themselves a simple question: “Why isn’t there a better way to shop and buy cars?” CarSnoop is the answer.


We’re on Your Side

Our mission is to be your advocate in the car-buying process. Whether you’re a pro or first-timer, CarSnoop is here to make your shopping and buying experience enjoyable.

Built it. Buy it.

Want a Concierge?

Be Mobile.

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