Target Buyers, Not Shoppers

Why Carsnoop

We recognize the true worth of exceptional dealers – Serving your customers, communities, and employees to the highest standards.

Unfortunately, a few bad actors overshadow public perception, creating a false narrative across the entire industry.

So, we listened to the grievances of dealers about traditional marketplaces while also hearing consumers’ grievances about bad actors.

CarSnoop was created to level the playing field for honest dealers and the car-buying public.

A trend too large to ignore

Honest dealers lose billions annually to the tactics of bad actors. Traditional marketplaces often disadvantage ethical dealers, make buyers more skeptical, and increase costs.

This skepticism impacts dealer in three ways: eroding trust, elevating operational costs, and limiting their market reach.

CarSnoop caters to consumers who are disillusioned by a bad car buying experience. Yet, they need the services of ethical dealers for their trade-in and financing. This segment is our target market.

How it works

It starts with anonymity for both dealers and buyers. Our anonymity-first approach fosters unparalleled freedom of communication, allowing dealers to maximize value with every customer.

CarSnoop is an end-to-end transaction-enabled platform:

  • Step 1: Buyers register and gain access to your inventory upon verification.
  • Step 2: Buyers upload trade-ins to their virtual garages, including VIN and photos.
  • Step 3: Buyers request your vehicles with trade-in details, then anonymously chat with you to reach a deal.
  • Step 4: Once a deal is agreed upon, identities are revealed, secure documents are exchanged, and a contract is signed.
  • Step 5: Buyers schedule home delivery or in-store pickup.

A marketplace unlike any other

Honest and ethical dealers deserve a platform that connects them to ready buyers. CarSnoop’s mission? To facilitate, not obstruct. To empower, not overpower. To collaborate, not coerce.ย 

Our principles are simple: Trust, Transparency, and Teamwork.

Early access

CarSnoop is extending a special invitation to qualifying dealerships, offering early access designed to connect your store with ready buyers. Early adopters will receive a fixed lifetime price.