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Protecting Your Privacy When Buying or Leasing A New Car.

Think of all the ways your private information is shared. Online shopping. Medical appointments. Employment information. Banking services. Lending institutions. Travel arrangements. And then, there’s new car buying. Let’s talk about how to protect your privacy when buying a new car.

You’re in the market to buy a new vehicle. As a result, you start doing online research and driving through dealerships to get ideas on color and trim. You make a plan for financing. Once you’re ready to make a purchase, you will hand over your private collection of information to each dealership you visit. And what happens then? Eager salespeople are ready to relentlessly follow up with you until you buy that new vehicle. You’ll become bombarded with phone calls and reach-outs by these sales team members.

CarSnoop doesn’t share your information with dealers. 

CarSnoop revolutionizes the process by protecting your personal and private information as a ready, willing and able new car buyer.

Our member dealership network bidding for your business only know the city in which you live. As a result, your name, street address, date of birth, driver’s license, cell phone number, email, employment information, credit score and social security number remain private. Protected. Secured. You share your private information with CarSnoop and it’s held securely, without any dealership having access to it, until you select the winning car deal bid. Only at that time does that single dealer receive your personal information to get your new car in your hands.

CarSnoop keeps your phone from ringing or emails from pinging.

You save the unwanted sales calls and emails, you ensure that you’re not in multiple dealership databases for relentless mailers ad reach-outs and most importantly, your private information remains just that…private. It’s anonymous car buying with the perk of controlling who has access to reach you and when.

Radical? We think so. CarSnoop focuses on protecting your privacy when buying a new car. Consider it the stress-free car new car buying solution.

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