What do car dealers want? And what do car buyers want?

\”Dealers want happy customers, smooth deliveries and perfect surveys,\” said CarSnoop Founder and President Cole Keesling.

The process is broken for the dealers too.

Not everyone at the dealership is a professional or on the same page. As a customer, you might agree to buy the car yet it still takes three hours to finish. Or worse, you\’re asked to come back another day to finish the paperwork and take home your new vehicle. As a result, you (the customer) are angry and frustrated with wasting your Saturday communicating with someone who isn\’t listening or doesn\’t have the complicity to figure out how to get you what you are requesting.
Let\’s be honest. Dealers don\’t make tons of money on new car sales. It\’s hard to fathom that but it is how the auto industry is built. In reality, dealerships lose money on new cars only to make it up on vehicle financing, warranties and extra products. For example, you may be asked about adding window etching and oil change packages. This is especially the case now with all the information on the internet. In addition, invoice pricing, rebates and incentives are a simple web search away.
If dealers didn\’t have to have sales people, they wouldn\’t. But, it is a necessary evil they must utilize at the dealership.

CarSnoop has broken the code on what both consumers and dealers want.

CarSnoop provides a new car buying experience, all from an app on your phone. It is a smooth process and an efficient delivery.

From a dealer perspective, the faster the new car transaction, the less the dealer loses. With CarSnoop, the dealer can obtain higher sales volume and maintain perfect surveys. Why? Because CarSnoop customers are so happy with the time saved and the experience. As a result, they always give perfect surveys. The truth it. ALL NEW CARS are the same. It just comes down to where you end up picking up your car.

So, quit thinking you have to get your new vehicle the same place as always…or even where you parents did.

Let the exclusive CarSnoop dealer network bid on your business and deliver your next new car to your house, office or your kid\’s sporting event.

Change the way you buy a new car. Put CarSnoop to work for you.

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