CarSnoop was invented by local, Indy-area folks who saw a need for a new, anonymous way to buy a new car without the hassle of dealerships. The Founder utilized his career in the auto industry to build this revolutionary tool from the ground up.


“For some reason the auto industry has kept the mentality of selling in the stone ages. Not anymore.”

Cole’s role is to cultivate the new selling environment which is CarSnoop. Throughout his 22-year career in the automotive industry, he has traveled the country with success in sales and upper management in the Midwest. He has held the role of new and used car manager, finance manager, general sales manager and salesperson. Cole has an extensive background in the mastery of customer service and relationship building. His long-standing history of working with clients to close deals allows him to relate to their desire to receive the best price for the car they desire and with the least amount of time spent at the dealership.

When not working on CarSnoop, you’ll find Cole with his family, fishing, camping in his retro RV with his wife or traveling. Cole loves riding his Harley and is always on the hunt for an old car to make his own.



“I like spending time doing what I want to do not what I have to do!”

Shawn leads the dealership relations for CarSnoop leveraging his 13 years of automotive industry experience in a variety of sectors including finance, sales management, internet and marketing and sales. His goal is to help car dealerships revolutionize the customer experience with this appbased car buying solution.

An Army Veteran, Shawn is married with two children. Outside of work, you’ll find Shawn with his family, golfing, camping, backpacking or mountain biking.


“I just remember watching Who’s the Boss? as a kid with dreams of being like Angela one day running an ad agency. A large portion of my career to-date has been working in that industry in some fashion and I am eager to help lead CarSnoop’s branding.”

Janel taps into her long-time love of all things marketing and design by leading the team in the marketing and branding.

When she’s not proofreading or imagining the next social post, you will find Janel with her family, her fur girl Lucy or with a paint brush in hand. She loves interior design, shopping at antique and local salvage stores and using her creative soul behind the camera lens.


“The satisfaction of helping people buy the car of their dreams while, at the same time, gain new friends and form relationships instantly sold me on the car industry being the career that was meant for me.”

Chris leads the dealership sales management with a ten-year car business career.

He started in new and used sales with our CarSnoop Founder as his mentor, learning as much about the business as he could. Chris also has extensive finance department experience providing a knowledge of the dealership process from the other side of the glass doors. He has also held sales manager roles and has penciled new and used car deals. Enjoying the customer relations part of sales, it was a way for Chris to touch more deals and talk to more people. With the uptick in Internet-driven sales, he took a BDC (Business Development Center) Manager position and utilized everything he’d learned in previous positions to work all of his car deals from the keyboard.

A dedicated father, Chris’ life revolves around his son…be it taking him to track practice or watching him play football on Friday nights or taking in a Colts game at Lucas Oil or traveling and making memories.