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CarSnoop Protects Your Privacy.

When buying a new car in a traditional dealership setting, you hand over all kinds of personal information to the salesperson who happens to greet you at the door. Additionally, consider all of the ways your private information is gathered and shared as you go about your daily life. You shop online, get checkups at the Doctor, bank with a local bank, pay a mortgage, work a job, travel the country and order takeout from local restaurants. But what about new car buying? CarSnoop protects your privacy.

Doing new car research. 

With the ease of grabbing information from your laptop or phone, you’ll gather ample information about the type or types of vehicles that most interest you. You may drive onto the dealership lot to check out color and trim levels. And, if you have a relationship with a local lender, you’ll likely reach out to that bank and discuss budget and loan approvals.

Visiting the dealership.

Once you’re ready to buy the vehicle, in a traditional sales scenario, you’ll visit the dealership(s) and hand over your private collection of information to each dealership you visit. You’ll be instantly put into their sales funnel and become bombarded with phone calls and emails by the sales team until you make a buying decision. Your privacy is no longer yours.

CarSnoop protects your privacy. 

CarSnoop is unlike any other new car buying experience available. Its innovative process protects your personal and private information.

Our CarSnoop member dealership network bids for your business. And, guess what, that network only knows the city in which you live. As a result, your name, street address, date of birth, driver’s license, cell phone number, email, employment information, credit score and social security number remain private. Only CarSnoop has that information and it will not be shared with dealers. We keep you protected and secured. Protected. Secure. Only the dealer whose bid you select will receive your personal information to get your new car in your hands. Your private information remains just that…private.

CarSnoop is anonymous car buying.

You control who has access to reach you and when. Innovative? Absolutely. CarSnoop focuses on protecting your privacy when buying a new car. Consider it the stress-free car new car buying solution.

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