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CarSnoop Redefines New Car Buying.

CarSnoop redefines new car buying.

With the current state of our world, it has become apparent that when businesses “re-open” that a new normal of business practices will be established. CarSnoop redefines new car buying. Think about the last time you visited a car dealership to lease or buy a new car. You are greeted likely with a handshake at the door and sit across the desk from the salesperson to discuss your new vehicle needs.

Now, imagine a world where you have a personal new car buying concierge. That concierge does all of the work. So long hours spent at the dealership. Goodbye sales calls and emails until you make a decisions. And farewell to the stress of the buying experience.

The CarSnoop concierge also protects your personal information. Once you provide your contact information with CarSnoop, it is held privately. The dealers will only know in which city you live. You are not bombarded with emails, calls or texts from the dealership sales team hounding you to make a decision or asking you more questions. And, you never have to step foot into the dealership! This can all be done from home…digitally.

Dealers welcome CarSnoop customers.

CarSnoop redefines new car buying with its app- and web-based customer experience. Once you provide the specifications of your new vehicle needs, you will receive new car bids from members of the CarSnoop dealership network. You are in control of what comes next and you choose the winning deal. Once you select the offer that best suits your needs, only that dealer will be connected with you. CarSnoop protects your personal and private information as a qualified buyer.

Innovative? Yes! Buying your new car with CarSnoop will be the only way you’ll want to buy a new car.

So, experience private and stress-free new car buying. Buy your next new car from home with CarSnoop.