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Changing How Females Buy New Cars.

Let’s talk female car buyers. CarSnoop buyers are all treated equally. You shop from the privacy of an app on your phone as dealerships work to earn your business. As a result of this, CarSnoop is especially changing how females buy new cars.

Statistics show that women are responsible for 45 percent of new car purchases.

By using the CarSnoop app, your privacy is guaranteed as dealers who are bidding on your business only know the city in which you live. Any pre-assumed bias, including that you’re a female car buyer, is eliminated. As a result, debunking the pre-assumed judgments cast completely revolutionizes the way the new car buying experience works.

Listen to Holly’s take on new car buying with CarSnoop.


At times, you may feel intimidated when stepping into a car dealership because it’s a bit of a gamble on how that new car buying experience will go. Your experience relies heavily upon with whom you’re working. As a woman, who are known to make the majority of car buying decisions, it is important to be taken seriously for your role in the decision.

Above all, with CarSnoop, all customers, female or male, remain anonymous. Therefore the dealerships bidding for your business do not know your gender, household income, email address or even your name. In fact, they only know the city in which you live.

Your identity remains private with CarSnoop.

As a result, it ensures you are treated equally, fairly and receive an honest offer.

CarSnoop’s innovative approach to buying a new car creates a stress-free new car buying experience. And, you control the terms of the deal. You choose the winning bid and where you’ll finalize the paperwork and obtain your new vehicle. Want to have it delivered to your home? Your office? Or even the ball diamond? You make that happen with CarSnoop.