Do you have to service your car where you bought it?

No, you may service your vehicle at any dealership.


That\’s great news isn\’t it? Say you bought your new car at a dealership on the east side of town where you live but you work on the north side. It\’s oil change time and you\’d like to have it serviced on your lunch break at a shop near the office. Guess what? You are able to visit any dealership for service after the sale, regardless of which dealer sold you the new car.

Service and Sales Departments are not the same.

Did you know that service and sales departments are a completely different business in the minds of dealership owners? Service managers welcome all customers, those that bought their cars at that dealership and certainly those who did not.

[box] According to a Cox Automotive study, 70 percent of consumers who bought or leased from a dealer never returned for service in the past year.[/box]

Based on the study by Cox and NADA data, that lack of return to service at the dealership of origin equates to $15.9 million in annual lost revenue per franchise dealership. Additionally, the Cox study reported \”60 percent of respondents said they\’d be willing to travel farther and 54 percent said they\’d pay more for an enhanced service experience (cost and a convenient location are the top two barriers to dealership service retention).\”

So, if your vehicle needs serviced and you\’re asking yourself \”Do I have to have it serviced where I bought it,\” the answer is no. Choose a dealership that makes sense for you! Even if it isn\’t the one where you purchased your vehicle.

Ultimately when you\’re ready to trade in your vehicle, you will want to have kept its service record maintained.

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