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How Can Females Buy Cars Anonymously?

Great question. So, as a female, think of the last time you went to a car dealership to buy or lease a new car. Did you enjoy the experience? Was it quick and stress free? CarSnoop completely changes how women buy new vehicles. How can females buy cars anonymously?

Your identity remains private with CarSnoop. When you use the CarSnoop portal or app, only CarSnoop has your personal information. As a result, dealers do not see that you’re a female. You remain anonymous which levels the playing field for all buyers because all pre-assumed biases are eliminated. CarSnoop holds your personal information (name, address, email, phone) safely. Dealers only know the city in which you live. You will buy or lease your new car with privacy.

How do I buy a new car with privacy?

Check out the CarSnoop app or website and provide your information (which we will not share) and our car concierge team will get to work on finding you the vehicle you’re looking to lease or buy. You can even have your new car delivered to your door. You will do all of the paperwork without even visiting the car dealership.

Did you know that women are responsible for 45 percent of new car purchases?

Listen to how CarSnoop changed the way Jessica buys a new car.

Change the way you lease or buy a new car.

Your opinion on the buying process in a traditional dealership experience relies heavily upon with whom you’re working. It is important to be taken seriously for your role in the decision. All customers, female or male receive equal and fair treatment and an honest offer with CarSnoop.

Experience a stress-free new car buying experience. You control the terms of the deal and choose the winning bid. Stay home and have your new vehicle delivered to your door. We invite you to buy or lease your next new car with CarSnoop.