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How Can I Avoid the Car Dealership When Buying a Car?

How can I avoid the car dealership when buying a car? If you’re in the market to lease or buy a vehicle and want to skip the dealership completely, you have some options. You can work with a car concierge, or broker, who does the legwork for you (often for a fee). This broker will essentially take your hot list of what you’re looking to lease or buy and do the shopping at dealerships for you. Typically that broker is an expert in the auto industry and a smart negotiator. Another option is to buy a car online. But, there are things to consider with both options. Here are some pro tips to saving your time and removing the car dealership from your car buying equation. Avoid the car dealership!

Look to manufacturer websites for information.

Instead of visiting local dealership websites where your personal information is gathered, go straight to the manufacturer websites. You’ll keep your contact information private that way and avoid the sales calls that come when you shop from local dealer sites. Local dealer sites are designed to capture your personal information. You’ll then kick off a stream of emails, calls and communication from those dealers. Manufacturer websites do not obtain your information so it’s a safe place to browse make, model and information about vehicles.

Consider a personal car concierge.

You may find a local car broker near you who facilitates buying or leasing your vehicle for you for a fee. Be sure you find someone who has a successful track record and some client recommendations so that your best interests are protected.

Indy-based CarSnoop is a website and app car concierge tool where you work with a local car industry expert who does all of the groundwork for you. In fact, CarSnoop is geared specifically to allow you to stay home, skip the dealership hassles completely and have a new car delivered to your door. Your time is spent on things you enjoy instead. As a result, you not only save time but you get a competitive price and remove the entire dealership experience.

Here’s how CarSnoop works.

Plug into stress-free car buying.

Do you want to eliminate the back and forth negotiations with dealerships? With a car concierge or a service like CarSnoop, you’ll provide the criteria for your new car lease or purchase and sit back and wait for the concierge to provide the details. You never have to speak to a salesperson or dealer! It is a revolutionary approach to buying and leasing cars. Ultimately, you are in control of the entire process and you save time and remove stress.

So, if you’re in the market to lease or buy a car, consider CarSnoop. Save your time and skip the hassles of dealerships.