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How Can I Avoid the Car Dealership?

Help! How can I avoid the car dealership? So it’s time to lease or buy a new car and the thought of spending hours at the dealership makes you frustrated. Sound familiar? At CarSnoop. we understand that feeling and it’s one of the reasons we created the ability to buy or lease a car online or from our app. We understand that buying or leasing a car can be a stressful and time-sucking process. Here are some pro tips to saving your time and removing the car dealership from your car buying equation. Avoid the car dealership!

Do your research on manufacturer websites.

You hop online and rather than surf the website of local dealers, go straight to the manufacturer websites. You’ll keep your identity a secret that way–avoiding the sales calls that come when you shop from local dealer sites. Those sites capture your information and begin an onslaught of emails, calls and communication with you. Instead of getting bogged down by sales calls, stay anonymous on the manufacturer websites. As a result, you’ll find all of the important information you need on those OEM sits and save yourself from unwanted sales calls.

Look to CarSnoop as your personal car concierge.

You can save time and stress with the CarSnoop tool. CarSnoop is geared specifically to allow people like you to stay home, skip the dealership hassles and have a new car delivered to your door. You have a personal shopper doing the legwork for you! Your time is spent on things you enjoy instead. As a result, you not only save time but you get a competitive price and the car delivered to your door. All of the paperwork is done outside of the dealership and you eliminate all of those annoying sales calls.

Experience stress-free car buying.

Eliminate the back and forth negotiations with dealerships. It’s simple with CarSnoop. Provide CarSnoop the criteria for your new car lease or purchase and our dealership networks bid for your business. You never have to speak to a salesperson or dealer! It is a revolutionary approach to buying and leasing cars. Ultimately, you are in control of the entire process and your time is saved.

So, if you’re in the market to lease or buy a car, give CarSnoop your business. Save your time and skip the hassles of dealerships. We look forward to working with you!