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How Can You Buy A New Car Privately and Stress-Free?

If you could choose the way to buy your next new car, would it be different than the traditional process you’ve always known? Of course! Choose to buy your new car privately and stress-free with CarSnoop!


“Over two decades of working and managing in car dealerships has given me knowledge into the minds of car buyers,” said Cole Keesling, Founder and President of CarSnoop, an app-based and online new car buying service. “And, one thing that always rings true—customers do not like giving their personal and private information to each dealership they visit during the car buying process.”

In a traditional car buying situation, you’ll hand over your private collection of information to each dealership you visit. Eager salespeople will be ready to relentlessly follow up with you until you make that car purchase. As a result, you’ll become bombarded with phone calls and reach-outs by these sales team members.




How do I buy a new car privately and stress-free with CarSnoop?

CarSnoop protects your personal and private information as a qualified buyer. You’ll experience private and stress-free new car buying. Think about all of your personal details that are shared when visiting dealerships when considering your new vehicle purchase. Your name, address, date of birth, driver’s license, cell phone number, email, employment information, credit score and social security number. All of it.

Now consider CarSnoop your personal new car buying concierge. We hold your information under secure watch until you choose the dealer from whom you want to buy your new vehicle. No dealership will have access to your personal information until you select the winning car deal bid from our CarSnoop member dealerships. At that time, only the winning dealer will have your information.

Unlike anything you’ve ever heard of? Shop privately and stress-free with CarSnoop. Now is the time to change the way you buy your next new car.