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How Do You Buy a New Car with Your Own Lender?

If you have a relationship with a bank to finance your new car purchase, you may be wondering “how do I buy a car with my own lender?”

Using your own bank helps secure your interest rate. CarSnoop pro tip: having a direct lender relationship eliminates dealers from rate markup. Additionally, you will avoid discussions with the dealership financing department. The lender will run a hard credit pull and review your full credit report to finalize your interest rate. Also, your bank or credit union will finalize the details directly with the dealer.

Above all, by sticking with your own lender, you ease the new car buying process.

CarSnoop protects your lender.

Buying a new car with your own lender will avoid rate surprises or haggle. The CarSnoop process assures you that you’re good to go with your credit score and pre-approval on your loan from your lender. The dealership where you purchase your new vehicle will not be able to change your bank relationship and will have to use your lender.

How does CarSnoop work?

By using CarSnoop to buy your new car, you get to work with your lender of choice and secure that lender relationship. When you submit your CarSnoop car build request, it will show that you have a lender. As a result, your lender relationship will be guaranteed. That avoids surprises and rate changes.

So, how do you buy a new car with your own loan? With CarSnoop. It’s stress-free new car buying.