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How Does a Car Buying Concierge Work?

Great question. So, you’re preparing to buy a new car and don’t feel confident doing all of the work. It leaves you curious,…how does a car buying concierge work?

A car concierge or broker is an expert in the car industry who does the work for you when looking to buy a new car. It saves you time, hassle and protects your privacy.

What information you provide CarSnoop.

You provide the must haves, such as your wish list for make, model, trim level and color. The broker then works directly with dealers to determine inventory, price, warranties and more. You don’t have to visit the dealership or be bombarded with the salesperson emails and calls.

Brokers leverage their relationships with dealerships to negotiate the best pricing for their customers. Brokers know their way around a car deal which saves you money.

CarSnoop is the online new car concierge.

CarSnoop in an innovative online or app-based car concierge tool which allows customers, like you, to keep their personal information private. In addition, it also keeps buyers from receiving calls and emails from salespeople.

“For some reason the auto industry has kept the mentality of selling cars in the stone ages,” said Cole Keesling, Founder and President of CarSnoop. “Not anymore.” Keesling developed an app- and online-based car buying service, CarSnoop, which has a subscriber base of car dealerships who bid for customers’ business.

Experience stress-free new car buying with CarSnoop.