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How is the New Car Buying Process Changing?

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has created an unprecedented shift in the way people are conducing business. New car buying and leasing certainly is changing. Despite dealerships being open, the “normal” way to purchase a new vehicle must change. What once was a customary handshake and conversations being had with minimal social distancing now must change.

So how is the new car buying process changing to evolve around the current pandemic? Dealerships are exploring was to keep offices, desks and cars for test drives virus-free. They are also increasing their ability to deliver vehicles to customers’ homes. That said, you may wish to postpone a new vehicle purchase until the shelter in place status changes.

The CarSnoop app changes how you buy a new vehicle.

The CarSnoop app and online tool for new car leasing and buying provides you the freedom to buy or lease a new vehicle from the comfort of your home. Enter your vehicle needs such as make, model, trim level and features without having to even go into a car dealership. The CarSnoop network of dealers bid for your business…but without even talking to you or knowing your personal information.

Protect your privacy with CarSnoop.

In addition to protecting your health by being able to stay home and lease or buy a new car via an app, CarSnoop protects your privacy. When you enter your name, email and phone and such into the CarSnoop app, it stays safely with CarSnoop and is not shared. Dealers only know the city in which you live when responding to your new vehicle needs. Unlike the traditional car buying experience, you will not receive calls or emails from salespeople. Instead, the dealers are working for you via the CarSnoop app, without being able to contact you directly. It allows a very secure new car leasing or buying process.

Take delivery of your new vehicle at home. 

Once your decision has been made and you have selected the dealer who wins your business, your vehicle can be delivered to your home. All of the paperwork will be done without you even having to leave home.

So, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider using the CarSnoop app to make it stress-free and contact-free. The car industry is changing to accommodate the need for health and safety concerns. CarSnoop allows you to do it all from home.