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Let CarSnoop Be Your New Car Concierge.

Given the changes in how people conduct business, work and shop, CarSnoop eliminates all in-person new car buying/leasing negotiations. Put CarSnoop to work for you as a new car concierge.

Indy-area Founder Cole Keesling saw a need for a new way to buy a car without the hassle of dealerships. After over two decades of working in the auto industry, he built this revolutionary app…and anonymous way to lease or buy a new car. Of course, years ago at the time of its initial conception, a global pandemic would never have been imagined.

So, now that we are changing how we shop, CarSnoop is here to help you. This car concierge system worked offline for years with Keesling doing this by hand with long-time, repeat clients. Now, CarSnoop has launched an app in Indy so people like you can lease or buy a new car…all from their phones.

CarSnoop allows you to stay home and buy a new car.

The CarSnoop app allows you to stay home. You skip the dealership visits, sales emails and calls. Download the CarSnoop app in the App Store or Google Play. Provide your personal information which CarSnoop holds privately, without any dealer knowing who you are. Enter your new car must haves such as make, model, trim level and color.

You’ll also provide a $100 deposit which will be refunded back to you when you purchase a new vehicle. This deposit verifies your identity and proof of readiness to buy a new vehicle. This deposit also shows the dealers bidding on your business that you are ready, willing and able to make that purchase. Think of it as an earnest deposit in order to take advantage of CarSnoop’s expertise and simple system.

CarSnoop serves as concierge and works directly with our exclusive network of dealers to determine inventory, price, warranties and more. You get a competitive series of offerings from those dealers.

We protect your privacy.

CarSnoop tip: your personal information remaining private! You also avoid sales calls and emails. The dealers will only know the city in which you live and will not have access to your email, phone number, gender, income or employer.

We deliver a new car to your door.

Once you’ve selected the winning bid, your information will be given to the dealer and arrangements will be made for your new vehicle to be delivered to your home. You will take delivery of your new car without ever having to visit the car dealership or negotiate with any salespeople.

Experience stress-free new car buying at home with CarSnoop. Change the way you lease buy a new car. CarSnoop is here to help.