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Leverage Your Car's Trade-In Value.

Leverage your car’s trade-in value. When you’re looking for a new vehicle and have one to trade, the value of the car can widely vary. You can consult the Kelley Blue Book for value, but each dealer will uniquely assign a value. Leverage your car’s trade-in value to make the best start on your new vehicle loan or price.

CarSnoop works to get you the best value for your trade.

By using a car industry expert to “sell” your trade to dealers, you open an opportunity of various valuations. Having a trade is the only time you really have a chance to “sell” your vehicle. CarSnoop is here to help.

Put in some elbow grease.

Is your vehicle a bit dirty? Could it use a little detail work to vacuum and shine it up? Do so before presenting it for valuation. Are the service records up to date? If not, it’s worth taking the car in for that oil change, tire rotation or recall update. Spending a little time on this will pay off in financial dividends.

Consider a car buying concierge to help with your trade.

CarSnoop is a free car concierge service which allows you to sit back and let our expert team handle the details in your car buying or leasing. Skip the dealership completely! If you’re looking for a way to experience stress-free car buying, look no further. The CarSnoop team brings your vehicle to your door and also provides the legwork on your trade-in valuation with dealers.

Ready for stress-free car buying? We’re here to help.