Our new way of car buying is changing.

You\’re probably re-thinking a lot of the ways you will shop, work, attend group events and even exercise in light of COVID-19.

With car sales, the days of salespeople handshakes at the front door of a car dealership have changed. You\’ll be unlikely to generously offer a hand to shake. In fact, you may even want to skip the dealership altogether. A \’new normal\’ is certainly going to be developed for a lot of things we do.


When CarSnoop was developed, no notion of a global pandemic was even on the radar. CarSnoop was designed to save people time and the hassle of entering into a dealership for negotiations with salespeople and spending Saturday weekend time leasing or buying a new vehicle. Now that we are facing uncertain times, CarSnoop is a new car buying solution which can be done from home.

Dealerships are eager to help customers with their new car leasing and buying needs. Our new way of car buying is changing. The car industry has seen significant decreases in sales given the shelter in place guidelines in the United States. Dealers are eager to find alternative business solutions to help customers lease or buy a new car. CarSnoop, ahead of its time, is a way to do so and has connected with dealerships to make your new car leasing and buying easy.

Stay home. Download the app. Enter your vehicle specifications such as make, model, trim level, and color and put CarSnoop to work for you. Dealers will compete for your business. And, another bonus is…they only know the city in which you live. You\’re an anonymous buyer. They cannot contact you so you avoid the unwanted sales calls and emails during the entire process.

So, if you\’re in the market for a new vehicle, give CarSnoop a shot!

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