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Skip the Dealership and Buy a New Car.

If you’re in the market to buy or lease a new vehicle, do you enjoy going to the dealership to do so? If not, you are in luck. Skip the dealership and buy a new car. How? It’s easy with an online and app-based car concierge service called CarSnoop.

Hear our Founder’s take on a new way to buy a new car.

Buy your car privately on your own terms.

How is this car buying done privately? With CarSnoop, you provide us your personal information and the car you’re looking to buy but we protect your identity and keep it private. The dealers who will be bidding for your business only know the city in which you live. You will no longer have the sales calls, texts, emails and hassles of the process you’ve traditionally known. You’re in control of how you buy your next vehicle. Empower yourself with CarSnoop!

Consider CarSnoop your concierge.

Listen, more than likely you’re not a super fan of spending your Saturday at the dealership to negotiate a car deal. We get it! So don’t do it. Plug into our app or web portal and let CarSnoop be your concierge in car buying. We do the work. You stay home and we’ll get your new vehicle delivered to your door!

Enjoy stress-free car buying…change everything you’ve ever known about buying or leasing a car. Give CarSnoop the task!