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Snowed In and Want to Buy a Car?

Are you snowed in and want to buy a car? Is your lease about to expire and you’d rather do anything but visit a dealership to handle the next steps? Plug into CarSnoop. It’s online car buying and leasing from home! You don’t have to even leave your sofa. Let our car concierge handle the work!

Leasing is simple with CarSnoop.

Enjoy a stress-free car buying experience.

It’s easy, simple and stress-free to lease or buy a vehicle with CarSnoop. You log onto the CarSnoop website or download the app to get started. Enter the make, model and criteria for the vehicle you’re looking to lease or buy and put the CarSnoop team to work to find it. You’re in charge! You skip the dealership experience completely and avoid all salespeople, texts calls and hassles!

Dealers bid for your business with CarSnoop.

Rather than having to visit multiple dealerships to find the right vehicle or price, the CarSnoop team plugs into the dealerships on your behalf. The dealers cannot contact you–it’s completely anonymous. They only know the city in which you live. As a result, you save time and enjoy the process.

Stay home from the snow and lease a car.

So skip the snowy roads! Instead, curl up on your sofa with a warm cup of coffee and have CarSnoop do all your car buying and leasing work. We look forward to working for you!