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A Note from Our CarSnoop Founder: Behind the Glass Wall.

Reflection of car dealership frustrations from a former desk manager who understands you, the car buyer, and your concerns.

Cole Keesling CarSnoop Founder

I’ve been in your shoes as the customer at a car dealership. My two-decade career in car sales and management has also given me the role of helping you, or perhaps pissing you off, as a salesperson and sales manager. Over the course of twenty-two years in the industry, I’ve seen it all. Anger, disdain, joy, tears…even fisticuffs in the middle of the car showroom. I have seen a multitude of car dealership frustrations.

Additionally, I’ve also made long-lasting friendships that began as a hand shake with a stranger on the car lot under every weather condition, in every season, at every time of day. Alongside these friends, I have attended weddings, funerals, graduations and birthday parties. All of these occasions shared with once perfect strangers who started out as nervous, anxious and stressed out car shoppers.


It’s a gamble with the salesperson.

You know who I am referencing. It’s the guy who greets you first at the door or on the lot…like a game of Russian roulette. As a car buyer, you’re never sure the type of person you’ll be working with to buy your new vehicle. Will he be a professional or a nightmare? Fair or self-serving? Honest or calculated?

Undoubtedly, the salesperson is the biggest issue in the sales process. If he is struggling, he is selling from a place of distress and worry. He is likely skipping steps, not listening to your needs or trying to steer you to make a decision that will earn him a better commission. As a sales manager, the salesperson is the hardest person to train and find. The days of professionals who respect their craft are gone. Instead, they’ve been replaced with order takers who often know less than even you, the new car buyer. You’ve done your homework, put in investigative time and look to the salesperson for information and solutions. Sometimes, to no avail, you have your time wasted and stress level increase.

Car buying takes too much time.

The number one complaint from car buyers is the time it takes to buy a car. The average time spent in a dealership is from two to six hours. This does not include your own time searching the web, asking friends for advice or stalking the car lot after hours to avoid the old school sales process dealers still utilize.

Quickly in my career, I realized what made my customers happy and kept them coming back to me when they needed another vehicle. It was to respect their time, be efficient and listen. As a result of that, I was able to tell my customers the truth even when they were unreasonable in their expectations. My straight-forward, no-sugar-coating sales approach was normally appreciated. If not initially, then after the customers were fact checking at other dealers and forced to talk to a variety of random salespeople. They’d return to me, greet me with a hug and a smile and say “Okay, you were right. Let’s do this.”

Negotiating price and terms sucks.

You’ve likely sat at the desk with a salesperson who is tossing numbers back and forth, has to visit his “manager” and then return with a number for your review and approval. The negotiating. Some people love it. Others hate it. Most people don’t look forward to it. End that nonsense with CarSnoop. By design, the dealers drive down the price with this service. Dealers can be as aggressive as they need to be to earn your business. The results of that competitive marketplace among the dealership network is that you get to be in charge and only select the offer which best fits your needs. CarSnoop eliminates the negotiating. And, bonus, CarSnoop is on your side to help with the ease of a click on a chat button!



Introducing CarSnoop.

So that brings us to why CarSnoop was developed. I listened to my customers who are just like you. I know what you want from a car buying experience and have figured out how to deliver that to you…without me even being in the dealership. CarSnoop is going to handle the entire process for you. Any dealership. All makes and models. As a result, I don’t have to be there. And you can rest assured your time is respected and your personal information is secure. It’s time for you to be in charge…not the random salesperson or the guy behind the glass wall. Solve the car dealership frustrations with CarSnoop.

CarSnoop will be hitting app stores and online very soon for Indiana car buyers. We welcome you to change the way you buy a new car with CarSnoop.