What are new car buying fees?

When buying a new vehicle, you may have unexpected fees that you\’re faced with when completing the purchase. These fees may include dealer fees, taxes and title documentation fees as well as additional product costs added to the top of your car purchase. So, how do you avoid new car buying fees?

Avoid new car fee surprises by using CarSnoop as your car buying concierge.


Sales Tax. The sales tax on your new car purchase in Indiana is 7%. You will earn a sales tax credit if you have a vehicle for trade in. If you have a trade, you wil pay tax on the difference figure of the purchase price of your new car versus the value if your trade-in. With CarSnoop, several dealers are bidding on your business so the value of your trade will help you decide which dealer wins your business. The better your trade, the lower your difference figure.

Tire Tax. In Indiana, you are charged a $1.25 tire tax – for four tires and the spare. The dealership will collect this fee on behalf of the state.

Documentation Fee. Doc fees are determined freely by dealerships. An advantage to using CarSnoop is that those fees are non-existent. CarSnoop has negotiated with its membership dealers to prevent you from doc fee surprises.

Warranties. You\’ll be informed of warranty options and details because CarSnoop provides informational tools which help you decide the warranties and products that best suit your needs. You\’d be purchasing these products through the finance department.

Other Back-End Products. You\’ll be aware of these products such as tire and wheel protection, gap insurance, maintenance packages and more.

At CarSnoop, we work hard to do the legwork on your behalf to make your new car buying experience as easy as possible without the stress, surprises and costly add-ons. So choose CarSnoop for your next new car purchase to avoid new car buying fee surprises.

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