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What Do I Do with My Trade In?

So you’re in the market for a new car but what do you do with your trade in? How can you be sure you get a good value? What do you need to know about how your car condition impacts the value?

What are some tips when considering trading in a vehicle? 

Service your trade.

Check the status of your service records. Oil changes, tire rotations and overall service and maintenance. Is the vehicle running properly? You’ll want to be sure you’re up-to-date on service records and maintenance. Consider repairing any damage. Condition will impact the dealer’s valuation.

Give it a good scrub-a-dub.

It seems obvious but wash and vacuum your trade-in before you go to the dealership. Putting forth the effort (Kelly Blue Book website to check out fair market value. While KBB is a good benchmark, it certainly will be up to the dealer to review your car. If you’re not the original owner of the vehicle, you can also find its history via

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