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What Is A Car Concierge?

What is a car concierge? A concierge is a broker (person) who likely has expertise in the auto industry who can aid in the entire car buying process on your behalf. This concierge often takes a fee for doing so and can allow you to remove yourself completely from the negotiations, hassles and time spent at the car dealership.

How do I find a car broker?

If you’re in the Indy area, you should check out CarSnoop. Founder Cole Keesling used his two-decade auto industry career to develop this innovative marketplace which revolutionizes the new car leasing and buying process. CarSnoop offers a local car concierge, for free, to do the legwork for you in your next vehicle lease or purchase.

How so? First, you stay home. You skip the dealership experience completely. CarSnoop is able to bring vehicle(s) to your home for you to test drive and ultimately delivers your new car directly to your door. Additionally, you remain anonymous to the dealers. Only CarSnoop knows who you are. Dealers only know the city in which you live. This levels the playing field for car buying and leasing. The dealers cannot email, text or call you! You are in control of the entire process.

How does CarSnoop work?

Download the app or go to the CarSnoop website and provide your personal information. That information is held privately with CarSnoop. You’ll provide the make, model, trim level and color of the new vehicle you’re looking to lease or buy. CarSnoop will then have its dealership network review that and provide you bids. This is all done via your smartphone or computer!

Experience stress-free new car buying with CarSnoop. Change the way you buy a new car. Trust our car concierge experts to make it easy for you. Contact CarSnoop today to get started!