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Where Can I Service My New Car?

This is such a common question in the car industry. Service your vehicle at any dealership.

You are not obligated to return to the dealership where you bought your vehicle for service. Now, if you’d prefer to take your car for service where you bought it, you certainly may do so. But, a dealership service department is completely separate from its sales department.

Service and Sales Departments are not the same.

A common misconception is that sales and service departments run hand in hand. Actually, service and sales departments are a completely different business in the minds of dealership owners. Service managers welcome all customers, those that bought their cars at that dealership and certainly those who did not.

According to a Cox Automotive study, 70 percent of consumers who bought or leased from a dealer never returned for service in the past year.

The study by Cox combined with NADA data, that lack of return to service at the dealership of origin equates to $15.9 million in annual lost revenue per franchise dealership. Additionally, the trade in your vehicle, that makes a difference.

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