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Who Makes the Decision at the Car Dealership?

When you’re shopping for a new car, do you wonder who makes the decision at the dealership? Is it the salesperson or the manager? Are you getting the best price? Is it the salesperson trying to make a commission? Why does the salesperson keep leaving the desk to talk to his boss?

Are you prepared to buy a new vehicle?

How a traditional car dealership scenario works.

You are really at the mercy of whomever snagged you first as you entered the dealership lot or showroom. And, you never really know whose pocketbook is winning with your car deal. If a salesperson is focused on his or her commission, you may be persuaded to a deal that lines their pocketbook. If there’s a promotion or incentive going on, that could impact the communication you share as well.

So, who is really making the decision at the car dealership on the price of your new vehicle? Are you in control?

A CarSnoop concierge changes the car buying scenario.

Now, discard what you know to be true about the buying process we just discussed. Instead, think of a new car buying world where you have a personal new car buying concierge. That concierge is on your side…working to get you the car you want for the price in your budget. And, that concierge holds your personal information such as phone number, email, address, employment information and such under secure watch.

As the concierge protects your information, your new car goals are being reviewed by dealerships working to earn your business.

Dealers bidding on your business? Yes. That’s how CarSnoop works!

You will receive new car bids from members of our dealership network from which to choose the winning deal. Once you select the offer that best suits your needs, only that dealer from whom you want to buy your new vehicle will be connected with you. This prevents a lot of work on your end. And, it removes the hassle of sales calls, emails and haggle. CarSnoop protects your personal and private information as a qualified buyer.

Innovative? Yes! Buying your new car with CarSnoop will be the only way you’ll want to buy a new car.

So, experience private and stress-free new car buying. Buy your next new car with

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