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A Car Concierge: Stress-Free Way to Buy a New Car.

CarSnoop was created after decades of dealership experience. Put our expertise to work for you. Enjoy a stress-free way to buy a new car.

Our development team has spent decades in car dealership sales and management. As a result of that, they saw a need to help consumers experience a stress-free new car buying experience.

How can I buy a new car stress-free?

All right, discard all of the times you’ve previously visited a car dealership to buy a new car.

Instead, imagine a world where you have a personal new car buying concierge. That concierge is on your side and working to get you the car you want for the price in your budget. You don’t have to worry, stress or even talk to salespeople.

Revolutionary? Yes. We think so too. 

This concierge also protects your personal information. You are not bombarded with emails, calls or texts from the dealership sales team hounding you to make a decision or asking you more questions. None of that.

With CarSnoop, dealers work to earn your business.

Your CarSnoop concierge is a digital, from your phone, car buying experience. New car goals are reviewed by dealerships working to earn your business. You will receive new car bids from members of the CarSnoop dealership network from which to choose the winning deal. Once you select the offer that best suits your needs, only that dealer will be connected with you. This prevents a lot of work on your end. And, it removes the hassle of sales calls, emails and haggle. CarSnoop protects your personal and private information as a qualified buyer.

Innovative? Yes! Buying your new car with CarSnoop will be the only way you’ll want to buy a new car.

So, experience private and stress-free new car buying. Buy your next new car with CarSnoop.