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How Do I Buy or Lease a New Car Online?

Are you in the market to lease or buy a new vehicle? How can you skip the dealership experience and buy or lease a new car online?

Do your homework on OEM websites.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) websites are a great place to shop. Honda and


Go to or download our app to make your purchase.

Once you have your new vehicle narrowed down with make, model, color, trim and such, hop onto the CarSnoop website or app and begin the process.

You’ll be asked to provide your personal information and CarSnoop holds your personal information privately. Dealers bidding for your business will only know the city in which you live. Save time by using a new car buying (or leasing) concierge. You’ll submit a $100 deposit which is refunded at the time you make a purchase (or if you choose not to move forward with one). By using the app, you ensure a secure and easy way to make a vehicle purchase. As a result, CarSnoop provides stress-free new car buying with no annoying sales calls or emails.

Once you submit your wish list of new car needs, you will earn a variety of offers from area dealers. You choose which bid wins your business. Also, you’ll avoid sales calls and emails! The dealers do not know who you are or have any way to contact you.

Enjoy a stress-free experience by avoiding sales calls and time traditionally spent at the dealership. You will take delivery of your new vehicle at home. You’ll be able to skip the dealership and enjoy a new way to lease or buy a new vehicle.