How do I lease or buy a new car online?

CarSnoop changes the way you lease or buy a new vehicle. You are now able to lease or buy a new vehicle from your phone…without ever visiting the car dealership. So, how does CarSnoop work?

Indy-area Founder Cole Keesling used his two-decade auto industry career to develop this innovative solution to new car leasing and buying. You lease or buy a new car online. And, you remain anonymous to the dealers. Only CarSnoop knows who you are. You also skip the dealership completely. CarSnoop has your new vehicle delivered to your door. You save time and stress with this innovate app.

Check out how the CarSnoop app works.


Consider CarSnoop a new car buying concierge. Download the app and provide your personal information to CarSnoop. That information is held privately. As a result, the dealers bidding on your business will only know the city in which you live. They do not know your gender, race, age or socioeconomic status. You’ll enter the make, model, trim level and color of the new vehicle you’re looking to lease or buy.

By using CarSnoop, you skip the dealership visits, salesperson emails and calls. You provide a $100 deposit. As a result, this deposit verifies your identity and proof of readiness to buy a new vehicle. Additionally, it allows the dealers bidding on your business to know you are ready, willing and able to make that purchase. That $100 deposit is refunded back to you when you purchase the new vehicle. Think of it as an earnest deposit in order to take advantage of CarSnoop’s expertise.

CarSnoop protects your privacy.

Your personal information remains private! The dealers will not have access to your email, phone number, gender, income or employer. It levels the playing field and prevents you from receiving sales calls and emails. CarSnoop does all of the work!

Experience stress-free new car buying with CarSnoop. Change the way you buy a new car!

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